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  • Veal 
  • calf
  • lamb
  • sheep
  • goat
  • rabbits
  • roosters
  • red boilers
  • white boilers,
  • red fowls,
  • Guinea hens
  •  ducks‚Äč


This is a family company was established in 1998 in New York City by the oldest member of the family named Ahmed Mused. We started providing the best services in the city. all people from different regions were pleased with our service. We start expanding and opening different locations we have now about 9 other locations in New York City, long island New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and California. We are proud to be family owned and operated. We provide services that include the sale of the live animals, slaughtering, cleaning (skinning and plucking of feathers), as well as cutting the meat and chicken to the customer's desired preference.


We only slaughter our animals at point of sale. This guarantees freshness of our products unlike other meat markets. Our publicly open facility allows customers to see the entire process, giving them assurance and peace of mind of knowing exactly what they are getting. We try to maintain the cleanliness of our facility as much as possible. Our primary goal is customer satisfaction!
We are happy to provide Bay Area and surrounding areas, with our services.

Our chickens are being raise by our friends the Amish farmers in Lancaster Pennsylvania and are transported nationwide.

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